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Okay, mid-October... you guys who rattle and call, what is your technique?  My dad swears by rattling and I have always sorta scoffed at the idea.  Well, this year I would like to show him up.  Anyone have any tricks they want to share?

My uncle has taught me to rattle not just for 30 seconds,, Rattle for like 5 to 10 min,, not heavy  but like a pushing match so to say,, it might change from state to state,, Just my two cents bud,, just get some horns and play with it, Oh yeah almost forgot,, my uncle rattles untill he see's a deer comming in,,and he always rattles on the ground,,J

Mark Baker:
It may be a bit early for rattling to be very effective, but give it a try.   I've found that it rarely scares off deer, and sometimes use it to "calm" the area that I just moved through and to.   Bucks are sparring now, nothing too serious, so try to sound like that.   Later on, just imitate what you want to sound like.   I usually give it a minute or two, then put down the horns and get ready.   Stay ready for a sometime after, as deer will often sneak in to investigate well after your session.  Be ready.  After a half hour, or even an hour, if the timing is right, and bucks are on the move, give it another go.  New bucks in the area will get an earful, and the hanger-arounders will wonder whats going on.    

Bottom line, don't be afraid to try.   It does'nt always work, but it does work.  I've taken a number of bucks this way.   Good luck!

This time of the year I like to spot deer out in the fields and then get their attention with the horns.  I like to rattle from a brushy area from a stand that I can see a ways from.  I always add a few grunts with the rattle.  Once I get the deers attention I hang the horns up and bring him the rest of the way with the grunts.  Another thing is I used to rattle as an after thought, when I got bored.  Now I like to rattle as soon as I can see in the morning and right before it gets too dark to shoot.

Everything Mark Baker said is right on, especially the part about rattling a minute or so and then getting ready.  I usually try to sound more like two deer pushing on each other and clacking their antlers instead of crashing them together.  Once it works for you, you'll be hooked.


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