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Cold weather hunting-couple of cheap tricks to stay warm

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Please add your own.

I have found if I spray my feet with an antipersperant (not deoderant) my feet stay warmer.

Take some old large socks with you and once in your treestand pull them over the toes of your hunting boots and put a little heat pack on top and bottom of your boot (inside the sock). Seems to work better than in the boot for some reason.

The Night Stalker:
I do the same thing but I use lavilin, the old european deoderent they use to sell in screaming eagle catalog. Don't use to much or it will dry your feet up. They won't sweat and therefore they won't get cold. My feet never get cold.

old one here.... carry as much of your outer clothing out there with you as you can stand.  Don't put it on till you are up in your stand or (safer) at the bottom of your tree AFTER the stand is up and ready.   Don't cover your head till your body is done being overheated from the walk out there.  If you sweat, you will get cold.

Horne Shooter:
I live in Texas and I still get cold feet -even down here.  They STAY cold when I hunt up north.  Legolas, I'll try your idea and incorporate it with the Lavilin that Night Stalker mentioned (if I can find some)...thanks!

Legolas, I had to chuckle. A week ago Saturday I was sitting in the piney woods not moving a muscle. It was 8 degrees. HA! I was shivering to beat the band, and my feet were blocks of dry ice. The sock trick works! I never thought to use socks, though. Spare hat and neck gaiter, one on each boot. Makes quite a difference. I didn't have hand warmers that day.

The more air that comes into contact with a chemical warmer, the faster (and hotter) they combust (oxidize). They won't last quite as long, but they give a lovely heat.

Killdeer   :thumbsup:


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