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Title: Root Saxon
Post by: MnFn on May 15, 2021, 05:56:01 PM
My daughter saw one at a rummage sale.  Anybody had one or know anything about them, like value?  I think they wanted $70.
It looks shootable. Green glass.
Title: Re: Root Saxon
Post by: Lucas K on June 17, 2021, 12:37:18 PM
Do you have a picture, I am not familiar with that model?
Title: Re: Root Saxon
Post by: hamcreek on April 27, 2022, 07:16:03 PM
Anything and everything you want to know about Ernie Root and Root Bows can be found on the Shakespeare blogspot. Never owned or shot one, but by all reports, they are awesome shooters. Just google Shakespeare blogspot and you shouldn't have any trouble finding it. It's a great resource for anything Root or Shakespeare Archery, and is run by a guy named Larry Vinnue (story if I misspelled your name, Larry), who's devoted a ton of time and effort to bringing Shakespeare bows to the forefront. I do own a Shakespeare, and it's my favorite shooter.