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He has risen

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  I know this is last years picture our daughters drew but it was so pretty I had to show it once again. Happy Easter everyone and Enjoy the time spent with your family‚Äôs .

Al Dente:
Happy Easter.  Enjoy and live like him.  Walk with him, and you never walk alone.  May God bless us all.

Sam McMichael:
May we all embrace the promise of Easter.

He is risen indeed  :pray:

Doc Nock:
I remember that picture, Keith... Still neat!!!

I don't have family here but have had this fierce back pain to keep me company...

I'd even called the Cancer Specialist (He's from india and I can't understand him, but asked for some pain management help since I can't take that hidieous OXY crap... and either react to or find other stuff quits working, and would you believe it, he told his nurse to tell me to go to the ER...

Seriously???  Sit for a day (couldn't) among a myriad of sick people and perhaps never get for that privilege..?.I told the nurse that was BS as I have a cancer specialist for a reason...FULL service...

ALAS, it's EASTER and our Saviour beat death and suffered for OUR benefit!!  I still have a hard time wrappin my head around all that, but it's comforting! :)


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