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Howard Hill


During our bible study today the wife and I were talking about the ones that have gone before us. So I thought I would pass on a blessed story. Back in the 80's I wrote the Ekin family and asked about Howard's faith. I received a nice letter back from Betty and she told me Howard had given his life to Christ and had become a strong man of faith. Bob Wesley asked me if he could copy the letter and I sent it to him and received it back but soon after that I lost it in the shuffle. I wish I could find it someday but had kind of given up. I thought you brothers in Christ would enjoy this story and it is surely "Good News".

Doc Nock:

That is an interesting tidbit...

i only knew of HH by his writings, and don't know Bob Wesley, so I guess that avenue of pursuit isn't an option..

Shouldn't matter to any of us other'n that HH became a follower...

Nuff said, eh:) :pray:

   That’s good to know about Howard and a little story here about Mr. Bob Wesley I’ll share .
When we adopted our first daughter (Ande) Bob sent me a pm either here or the other site and was wishing us many years of blessings with her and I had no idea that Bob was a Christian but thought Wow Bob Wesley wrote me a personal message and that meant much to me for him to stop and do that.
   I even get a pm or email from a famous fella here named Doc Nock
 Often and I cherish those moments as well and so happy to know of this wonderful God fearing gentleman. Well ok Gentleman might be a bit to much lol but all in all he’s a good fella to know. :jumper:

I have Roy Case's personal book of Hill's Hunting the Hard Way and had Bob sign it back around the late 80's. Here is what he wrote " To my good friend Doug Tubbs... May the whistle of the grey goose wing, the hum of the bowstring, the love of the longbow, the smell of the campfire in early morn, the smile of a good friend, and the pursuit of the wiley whitetail forever bring a warm glow to the cockles of your heart. Read: 1 John 5:11-12 Bob Wesley. Thank you all on this sight for your fervent prayers you have touched many souls and  have shared the love of Christ.


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