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Prayer for my Wife please.

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  Well I’m very Thankful for my wife and two youngest daughters who had a mishap in the car yesterday morning.
   I get a call at work early in the morning from my wife on the other end saying “ I had a little mishap this morning backing up my car “ as I noticed I left the light on in the garage she started to explain.
 Then she said as she thought she put the car in park she didn’t realize she still had it in Reverse and she had started to exit her car when she felt it starting  to roll and realized it was in reverse still.
 Well the car a Suburu Escent went backwards and the door threw her to the ground and hit her in the head and she banged her arm as she fell to the asphalt.
   Then the front wheel on driver side ran over her ankles
 And feet as it started rolling quickly down the lane. She yelled to our middle daughter to throw the car in Park which our daughter had no idea what that meant.
  Our youngest was in the back seat screaming as the car continued down the lane and went across yard towards our ditch .
  My wife got herself up and hobbled as quickly as she could to save the girls thinking they were in serious danger that her Mother instincts took over to stop the car which she was able to do and almost getting knocked down again.
   She had to calm our youngest daughter Darci down who was somewhat in shock from what just happened.
 When my wife called me I said where are you now do you need an ambulance or are you heading to the ER?
   She said no I’m taking the girls to their orthodontic /dentist appointment now but a little sore where the wheel rolled over my ankles .
   She got to the dentist office and realized she must of dropped her glasses in the drive and she took the girls to school then went home and retrieved her glasses.
  I tried calling her several times and finally she called me and said she was heading to my work and I drove her to the ER.
   She had no broken bones but a bruised very purple heal and toes on the right foot and ankle area and a bruise on the other .
  Her arm is bruised as well.
   They put a sandal style shoe on her right foot and told her to take it easy and put ice packs on .
   Can you believe she is going to another Dr. appointment and heading to work later this afternoon.
   I praised God for keeping her safe and the girls and it could of been a lot worse for sure but I Thank God He protected her from getting hung up under it.
   She is almost 59 years old and I thought for sure she crushed her bones but x ray saw no fractures.


Sam McMichael:
Your family was very lucky indeed. The Lord was surely looking after them. We will continue to pray that your wife heals very quickly.

Lord: Thank you for your protection and that this only was a "mishap" and not life threatening. Thanks for the lesson learned and thank you so much for  people that  put their trust in you. Continue now with rapid and thorough healing. In Jesus' name.

So thankful your family is ok .. Praise the Lord!!!  Prayers for healing


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