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Wasn't gonna post this, but........

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So, after reading about Doc Nocks ordeal, I really didn't wanna post this, but figured I should. So, Jan 2018 I was diagnosed with late stage colon cancer. Had part of my colon and lymph  nodes, appendix and other small parts removed surgically. A biopsy was done on the lymph nodes and the cancer had spread through the nodes and was spreading, so before I even left the hospital from the surgery, I was told next stop was chemo therapy starting a couple months later.  Had lots of complications with the chemo, but after about 7 months I finished. Everything looked pretty good till about 1 month ago.
   My blood count for colon cancer was elevated again. Normal is 4 and below. It was 5 when I had surgery. Last month it was 7. Last week it was almost 12. Going up real fast. :o Anyway, have more tests, scans, blah blah. Doc I really can identify with where you're at. I also have meds that cost almost 3 grand per month. The good thing is that I have manufacturers  paying for them. Tax breaks for them. So, maybe that'll work out for you. I'm also not really worried. God knows where I am too, and I'm ready to go. But, I also hope that I can be an encouragement to people on earth too, and maybe that's a better thing. But, overall I know the Lord is my healer. By HIS stripes I am healed. You sent your Word and healed my disease. And  numerous other verses.
Anyway, I don't consider this anything overwhelming and God is in control, and God is good. That  said, if anybody  wants to pray for me, I'd appreciate it. Anyway, just be open and honest about things. Hang in there guys. Jesus saves and Trump 2020. :pray: :clapper: :goldtooth:



Doc Nock:

I'm glad you shared... that is quite a story... Any or all of us, NEVER know what time is left...

My dad's older brother passed away eons ago from bone cancer...he had turned from what other's said was a life of self-centered sin to one of charismatic belief and he came North for a visit and told me his cancer, which had been in remission was "back"... Then he said he would be "healed"...when I questioned him "What if you're not"--- he said something I hope is encouraging... (it took a long time for it to become a positive for me).  He pulled me close and whispered, "Even Death is God's perfect healing..."  he passed some months later...

Thank you for your testamony here...

     I agree Doc. Going home is the best of the best of the best. Perfect, strong, young body that can't and won't decay. And, I learned several years ago, that these few small things we go through, test and also strengthen our faith. And our bodies fall apart naturally anyway, so might as well try and somehow help and strengthen others. Anyway, God bless you guys.


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