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Doc Noc needs us Prayer Warriors

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Guys ,
   I know David may not want to put this out here cause I think that he thinks he’s asked too many times for prayers with the PS numbers that have been a roller coaster so to speak.
  He can spit,holler,kick me in the rear later but I got an update from him with his latest spike in his numbers and it was high . He is having some pain as well that is giving him a fit .
  He’s always there for us and I know with his move to TN. He may only have a few close neighbors and friends to lean on but I do know we are a Brotherhood of believers  in Jesus Christ and we call out to Him to ask our Father ,Creator and the Holy Spirit  as One to heal Doc Noc and remove All cancer cells causing these numbers to spike .
   Doc is a caring man towards folks and a patriarch to many here with his words of Wisdom .
  Please if you will keep this Man Doc Noc in your prayers continuously if you will.

Lord hear our prayers... :pray:

Much need prayers offered up for Doc.

Doc Nock:
Oh, my...

I know TG doesn't send emails on new posts so I pop in time to time to see what might be new--- and there I find this...

That's kind of you, Keith... thank you... Prayers are always good...

yea, they'd stuck me on some tiny pills that made my boobies sore and are supposed to kill off the testosterone and starve the Prostate cancer...well, the side effects were real, but it didn't do it's job...the PSA went from 0.66 in April to 12.5 in mid July indicating, I'm told, that is an aggressive type prostate cancer... till the got me into radiation therapy some of the cells had already lodged in my spine near my shoulder blades... or so the bone and PET scans showed...

Now with the PSA jumping UP again, the re-did the 2 scans and lo and behold the cancer in the spine is growing and has now moved out into the right side ribs...

They want to see if they can get the cost forgiveness on LUPRON shots and stronger oral meds both of which are rather expensive...

Dunno what to think... I see an increase in pain and imbalance in low and mid back but I ain't DEAD yet...

I see the oncology radiologist Tues and the URO doc again Thurs to see what he's learned on the new meds, costs, etc...

I don't wanna go broke chasing a few months of living poorly and alone... :(:( Decisions, decisions... :(

As Keith said, not many folks around here I'm close to and most are at least my age or older...

Either God's already made a decision and it's just going to take time to play out or?

Prayers are always appreciated...

Thank you, Brother Keith!

Scott E. Thomas:
Prayers up to the greatest Physician. Hang in there buddy.


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