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Would appreciate some prayers

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Danny Rowan:
Have not been here in a while. Just do not visit as often as i used to.

Going to Waltre Reed in Maryland on July 9 have to get bypass surgury. Please pray that the doctors hands are steady and they get this old ticker fixed up.



Doc Nock:

Good to see you're alive and kickin...Prayers will be with you for a successful operation and recovery... They're doing so much of that these days...

Do what you're told as MUCH as youre told post op but NO MORE!  Dad didnt like the pain in his chest and ended up bent over double cause he avoided the pain of stretching...

best wishes and I'll put you in my OUTLOOK to remind me to hoist prayers nearer that time...

Keep the SON in your eyes!



You got 'em.  :pray: :pray: :pray:


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