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Please pray

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for our country :pray: :pray:

   Yes indeed and been doing it for quite some time.
We had our very first sit outside since things shut down at our Church this past Sunday and it felt so good on a beautiful morning here in Md.
 The weather was perfect as I sat with my family and we sang old Hymns.

I've been praying for our country for a long time. I used to pray ABOUT Obama and the crap he was doing. I pray FOR Trump, and that God give him wisdom and protection. I've been praying that all the traps the liberal left has been trying to use will backfire on them and they be removed from office, especially after all the riots this past week, that they have been avoiding acting upon. I've been praying for a cure for the virus.
     This has been hard for me the past week, watching a very small percent of the population doing their best to destroy this country I love. I have to confess that most of the time I just want them to be shot as they come out of businesses with their stolen treasures. I fear that this is an indicator that my love is growing cold. I hope I'm wrong.
I hope and pray that even though satan wants to use this to kill and destroy, that God turns it around and uses it to restore our country and draw people closer to HIM. I'm not even sure what else to pray about or for. God forgive me for my hard heart. Lord help us to humble ourselves and pray, and seek your face. Lord forgive us our sins and heal our land.

  You are not alone in your feelings cause I’ve felt the exact same way as you and I pray along with you .... :pray:

Doc Nock:
No Notice of new posts, only once you've I'm late to the party...

I had a dream about this whole 5G thing last night being our total undoing...Some say it's the best since sliced bread, others say it's the end! Only God knows...

I, Three, am concerned how I see these riots in my "Love for my fellow man", as I look back over a longer life, I see since Watts, Furgeson, etc how One Source of Angst has consistently led to looting and riots!

During the Nam era I saw the demonstrations happening as little more then a chance to party and pass the bottle...

God help us all... but then, it's rather Biblical that such shall happen among men and mankind, as left to his own devices man is seldom kind long...

Lord in your Mercy...  :dunno:


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