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Bernard S. Dunn

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Alexander Traditional:
Oh I'm glad to hear that! I've always liked his enthusiasm. Thanks guys.

Doc Nock:
Yup, Bernie always had a positive outlook about him...  Bernie to the far left, me, tim Kane and a guy who went by the handle of Neon butterfly... That was in 2008/0r 2009

 Was that picture taken at Baltimore?

Doc Nock:

--- Quote from: Keefer on March 25, 2020, 08:47:49 PM ---Doc,
 Was that picture taken at Baltimore?

--- End quote ---

Yup...2008 or 2009

    I know exactly where that picture was taken standing close to that big tree behind the food building where the field/targets are.
 Am I correct on that?
 I have a picture of some friends I took a few years ago standing in the same place.
 They haven't called it yet but it may be cancelled this year and I have been looking forward to it noit for the shooting but the friends who are like minded and we share a bond .
  Its good medicine for the soul isn't it brother ? :archer:


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