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Bernard S. Dunn

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Alexander Traditional:
Has anyone heard from Bernard. He was always active in the St. Jude forum,and haven't seen him in a while. I think he had cancer,and he goes by ber643. I was just wondering how he was doing,if any of you know him?

Doc Nock:
Guys on the TGMM group were chipping in to get him a new computer but I'd not seen Bernie either and Sent him several UNanswered emails after his beloved bride died...

I too wonder how he is doing, or if he's still kicking...

I’ll check with my buddyLee Hoots I think he may know him but not 100% certain so check back and I’ll let ya know what a I find out.

Ok I texted Lee Who checked his face book page and he’s been out going to flea markets on weekends .
 He’s still around praise the Lord  :pray:

Doc Nock:
Since I don't do FB, I lost touch but it's great to hear he's still kickin... :) :thumbsup:

Thanks for checking Keith!


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