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Bushnell trophy HD no recognizing card


I have had this camera for a few years. Last year it worked fine. No after I set it up and switch it to on with an SD card inserted the LCD screen goes blank and it will not take any pics. Thoughts? I have started buying the $28.00 tasco cameras at Walmart and they are "ok" but you get what you pay for sometimes.

I think that I've had  the same thing happen.... from what I found out, when I erased the SD card, my computer reformatted it and the camera won't recognize the new format.

I bought new SD cards and delete one pic at a time now instead of whole banks of pics..... I'm not very computer savvy, but that's my quick fix.

Good luck, shoot straight and God bless,

I will try formatting a card with the camera and see if that helps.


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