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SRF sights and Canting


I am considering experimenting with a SRF sight system. Is this type of sight only usable when you shoot with the bow vertical.  I have seen a lot of people say that the SRF sights improved their instinctive shooting.  A lot of instinctive shooting is done canted. 

   I had to google SRF sights to describe what they are ? I am currently using a sight  . It is a small piece of oak ,that matches the riser wood on my Mesa ll. It is attached with two sided tape , so there are no screws. It has 4   1/8” holes for elevation. And I use one sight pin . I have continually struggled with different shooting issues , and am hoping this will keep me on track .
  I’m assuming , you maybe didn’t get a reply because putting a sight on trad bows may not be in good keeping . For me , it’s about making a clean , ethical shot, when I’m hunting.

  Plus, there hasn’t been activity on the “Shooters FORM Board” since mid March .

  Oh, to somewhat answer your question, I shoot, holding the bow vertical . Not sure about canting .


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