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Cone of accuracy and age, plus if you think of distance in 5 yard increments it’s kind of like thinking of having sights on your bow. I truly do understand what you are going through, but I  try for myself to eliminate the thought process of thinking of the distance and try to replace that with complete focus, remove the idea of distance. I know that sounds crazy but, if you think about this. Look at the distance a compound has between the separation of the archers sights, it’s nuts less than an inch between twenty and sixty yards depending on the bow. That’s crazy but it goes to show you the difference of point of aim is very small. Just for a simple experiment, try shooting without thinking of distance at all, shoot in an area you are not familiar with and completely let your brain do the calculations without thinking of how far the target is. You may be pleasantly surprised
I am 58 and also have lost more of my sight than I care to admit, what I have done is use the gap method the older I get. Some archers claim every archer uses the gap method if you are not using sights.


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