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Sam McMichael:
For quite a long time I have been trying to develop accuracy at 25 yards. I am okay at 20 yards, but can't seem to hold a proper group at 25. I recently realized that at 20 yards, I can still pick out and hold on a specific spot. At around 25 yards, these old eyes don't seem so sharp. I think I am picking a specific spot at 20 yards but only am able to pick an area at 25. Could this be a likely reason for not being able to shoot acceptably well at the longer distance?

Many if not most of the historically famous archers were reported to have above average eyesight.   You're most likely correct in your observation.

It may be that you have to have above average eyesight to be a champion archer.  However, I'm not sure that's true about being a “good” archer at 25 yards.  Assuming you have good enough eyesight to identify the target at 25 yards, but it's a little fuzzy, you should be able to pick a spot in the middle of the fuzz that you want to hit.

We all have a cone of accuracy, which means that if we are shooting the best we can, the best we can do is to hit somewhere inside a circle that grows with distance.  My cone of accuracy is about a 3” circle at 10 yards, which grows to a 6” circle at 20 yards, which grows to about a 10” circle at 30 yards.  Then a funny thing happens: my cone of accuracy stays at about 10” from 40-50 yards, since my point-on distance is about 45 yards, and I’m more accurate close to my point-on distance.  Then it begins to grow again past 50 yards. 

I like to practice out to 80 yards, because I enjoy shooting the long shots, but I really can't see well enough to shoot at those distances.  But I still hit pretty well!  Sometimes, a friend will tell me, “Wow, that was a great shot, Dave, you're either in or just outside the bullseye,” when I can't even see where the arrow is in the target.  Confidence and good form goes a long way.

So keep trying.  You may surprise yourself one of these days.

Sam, I feel your pain!  I’m developing cataracts and in the last few months it’s gotten worse. I have the same trouble being able to focus on a specific spot.  I have the same trouble even trying trying to shoot groups at the rifle range. 

My shooting is still decent at my hunting distance ,15-18yds, but beyond that it goes downhill quickly.  I shot better a year ago for sure.

Dr. said they aren’t ripe enough for surgery.  I have an appointment coming up next week and he and I are going to serious discussion.

Sam McMichael:
Zeebob, in 2021, I had cataracts in both eyes fixed. Unfortunately, it didn't make any real difference. The only archery benefit has been that colors are much more vivid. I'll still practice at 25 yards, but I don't think it will ever become an effective hunting distance.


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