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Starting a Michigan bear Camp???


Hey guys my buddy and I both have 5 points for black bear here in michigan and are wondering if anyone does any trad bear camps, we are looking to start our own I have an outfitter camp setup. We need to start researching what unit we are going to hunt and start getting our shit together here for the next couple years. If any of you guys on here bear hunt with a bow and do any bow camps any tips would be appreciated. I would like to hear about what unit would be worth checking out or somewhere to start. I know we could probably buy a leftover tag in the western upper penninsula but have just been buying points and really want to put this together in the next couple years, so id love to hear about your michigan bear camp. we do not plan to hunt with dogs.

Bow man:
Biggest thing is research your area well that you plan to hunt and pick good locations for baits.  Keep water in mind creeks stream and small lakes and ponds. Get remote back pack baits in.  further from the road you can get the better.    Pick baits and scents based on sweets rather than meats that could draw in the hounds

thanks for the tips!


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