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Michigan Traditional Bowhunters bow Raffle online "Need not be a member"


Bow man:
Our 2020 Jamboree raffle bow was donated in honor of Cameron Emmet Smith by his father John Breck Smith. Breck is a huge supporter of archery groups all over the US. This year he has chosen to honor his son's memory by donating a bow made by his good friend Jay St. Charles to Michigan Traditional Bowhunters.
It is a 63" 48#@28" Jay St. Charles Thunderbird Recurve. The riser is dark curly walnut .The limbs are beautiful highly figured Pacific Yew. This bow is not new but was barely used and is in pristine condition.
Each $10 sale on the website or bought at the Jamboree gets you one chance in the drawing for this bow. You may buy as many chances as you would like. We will quit selling chances online at 5 pm on Aug. 22. Chances will still be available at the Jamboree until we do the drawing at the membership meeting at the Jamboree at around 6 pm on Aug. 22. You do not need to be present at the Jamboree to win.
Thank you for your continued support of MTB and in honoring Breck's memory of Cameron.


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