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Deer Diary 2010 season 5

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I know Jim usually starts this thread every year but he hasn't been visiting so I thought I would get it kicked off with the early doe season and all. Have fun in the woods this year everyone and be safe and thankfull for all of our harvest.JB

Hope everyone had a better start than me, creepy quite in the woods this morning. Like spooky werewolf movie quite, no birds, no squirrels, nothing, just quite. Was really spooky, but great to be in a stand, back to it in the morning. Good luck all!, be safe. Todd

Anointed Archer:
I have been out twice and have seen 4 bucks not a doe in sight.

Allegan Archer:
Thursday was pretty quiet, but had to leave early.  Tonight was the same until just before dusk.  

Had the bejeebers scared out of me by a deer that sneaked up behind me and snorted... about jumped out of the stand!    :thumbsup:

I havent been out yet...Jake missed a doe last night......but i did see one of our michigan boys connected...i'll let him cut in with the story.


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