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This is a direct link to our website. We have contact information as well as alerts, trophy page, news & notes, history, activities, calander, traditional trails, council, other sites, and more.

Jason "Whitebuffalo" could you please lock this thread and place it at the top of the page as an informational guide for members and interested non-members. Thanks!  :campfire:

david janssen:
Me and my wife drove up from the thumb area Saturday and shot the 2-d course,We had a blast.Perfect weather and the skeeters were not bad.We are now members and bought a coffee mug to help support the MTB.We went to the Bears Den for lunch and had a great pizza.They have remolded the pizza place, only a few bows on the wall now.All in all had a great day spent with my wife.And yes she out shot me again.Thanks to all for putting on a great shoot.

David Janssen

This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thank you.

Your link to the website, brings up a chinese website and not the Michigan Traditional Bowhunters Website.


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