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A new vet benefit

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You may have already heard about this, but I'm putting it up for anyone who may not have.

The director of the military exchange system has arranged a new benefit for vets.

Starting on 11-11-17 (last Saturday) veterans will be able to shop the military exchanges online (only).

Here's a link that will get you started.

Are exchange prices better than local or amazon?
I haven't been inside one in nearly 50 years.

Kinda late getting back to you but in perusing the website I found some items that were about what you might pay anywhere and some that were very good deals.

Not archery related, but some of the ammunition prices were very good.

Thanks for the info Mike


We shop at the Exchange now and agian. Prices on goods with fair trade pricing like say IPhones aren’t much different. But you don’t pay sales tax so on high priced items like an IPhone you will save money. Clothes, especially women’s stuff from the fashion designers is less than a regular store. As for hunting and fishing stuff it depends. Firearms sales went with what State regs said. Like in CA. Miramar didn’t have M-16 or M1A type weapons. Here at Luke AFS they have both, AZ laws differ.


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