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The Adventure of Hope and Faith 2009/2010

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There is a thread going "are you hunting for the right cause"  that is the scheduling thread for the girls.  If you are a Lefty, there may be spots open.


Marvin M.:

Looking forward to getting some time with Hope.  I'm scheduled for "first out of the box" for her.  Can't wait!  She will be traveling with me to South Carolina at the end of the month to chase hogs with Ray Hammond.

I'll see how she likes chasing hogs.

Hope is coming my way in April to chase some turkeys.  I'll be sure to post my adventures.

Marvin M.:
Hope just arrived in Kentucky!!!!  Opened the case and pulled out the riser.  She's gorgeous!!!!  

Normally I shoot some on my lunch break, but my Jeep is in the shop today so I won't be able to do anything until after work.  What a Bummer!!!

I'll keep everyone posted on how she is doing.


Tom Phillips:
Terry & Mike,
 I recieved "FAITH" and she is a Dandy !! She will be on in Quebec starting this Saturday and will let you know about her adventure when I return the end of this month.She will be passed around to all the Lefties in camp and maybe even a few Righties with yank er back too.



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