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The Adventure of Hope and Faith 2009/2010

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bow loving man:
Well, the Texas Turkeys won this year!  Miss Faith and I tried real hard, had some close encounters, but the rain and lightning cut our date short....We are headed to Kansas today to see if we can do better on the Turkeys up there!!!

bow loving man:
Well my Kansas trip got cut to about 24 hrs.  I went up on Thursday,arrived about 5pm, got settled in and change clothes and off to Bear Creek to see if we could find some birds...sure enough we pulled up to the creek and out in the field next to it were about 15 birds!!! We backed up and devised a plan...
We set up next to some tall cottonwoods next to the creek and eased our decoys out into the edge of the field...
We thought we could ease in there a call some birds to us...They had other response except from one lone gobbler who would walk our way and gobble...That was fine with me just keep coming big boy!
It ended up just him by himself as the other moved towards their roost for the night on the other side of the field...So my friend told me to sneak down bear creek and see if I could get a little closer to him...
Bear creek is deep enough that I can walk down its dry bed and the birds can not see me until I make my way up one side...After about one hour of calling and sneaking,which at one point I had him with in 35 yards, but no shot with Miss Faith...I decided to follow the creek all the way around and come up somewhere between his roost and where we had set up, he definitely was not coming to the decoys!  
So I moved through the creek bottom, eased up in the deep sage on the pasture, crawled behind it and the different plum thickets and found a good sand hill to make my stand....Needless to say as I was moving I guess he was too...I never saw him again and my buddy had no idea where he went, I think he was napping while I was stalking!  Oh well it was getting close to dark...I need rest...

bow loving man:
We decided that on Friday morning we would hunt Sandy Creek since he knew some birds have a daily ritual of coming there it strut and preen and whatever else they do in this particular area... He has sent me many pics of the birds just to tease me!  
I set up my pop up and got ready for the day. I called as I heard the gobblers in the distance and I waited, had some great time sitting in the blind watching squirrels, and rabbits, even the flock of sheep came meanering by, but no turkeys...Don't know if the blind buggered them or what...
My friend texted me and said there were turkeys on the creek by the house, so I waited about 30 minutes and got out of my blind, i thought they might make their way down the creek towards this set up...I made my way back to the house and was drinking a diet coke when I saw that bunch of turkeys in the shelter belt to the north!  I had been in the one to the south...So I grabbed my stuff and began a stalk that lasted quite awhile as I figured out how to get close to those dang birds...Once again, I could get close but just not close enough,,,,Think Barry think!!! Time is running out!  I had to leave by 1 pm!

bow loving man:
It was 11:45 and I had to leave around 1pm.  I went back to the house and talked with my friend, "Run me up to Bear Creek again and let's see what is up there maybe..."  We drove to Bear Creek crossing and eased to the edge of the field and sure enough, under a tree some 300 yards up Bear Creek to the east, were some turkey and at least one gobbler we could tell...we backed up, and got out and started a stalked down bear creek...I walked, crawled over washed up timber, belly crawled when I had to go around a big pile in the creek...I went slowly and cautiously, wind was in my face the whole way!  I edged up twice to check on the position of the turkey and just to check my progress...
The last time, and I knew I was close, I peaked over the edge through little bush, I couldn't believe what I saw...3 BIG gobblers all with their fans up and they were what I would call coveyed up in the sunlight!  They were backed up to one another each looking a different direction and all the while there fans were up in full display...I wish I would have had my camera out and ready but I was to focused  on my task at hand...I figure I was still a little far for a shot so I closed the distance to right next to the tree they were beside now...They had not clue I was there!!! I just had to rise up slowly above the edge of the deep creek and get off a shot...
I eased my head up just to eye level of the creek bank and they were still doing their thing! So I came on up with Miss Faith and chose to shoot the bird to the right of the tree. I picked my spot, began my draw...He lowered his fan and began to walk away at about 15 yards!!!!
Take the shot...good form shooting from down in the creek, just ease the shot off and let it fly!
I released that arrow and it was like it was in slow motion...headed right for that TOM!  and I heard THWACK!  That was loud I thought and the Tom was still standing...This is what I saw!!!!


How did I hit that limb!  
I jumped up out to the creek to discover 4 gobblers starting to run across the pasture and manuvuered to get another shot but to no avail. My Kansas quest was over...It took sometime to get that arrow loose...No turkey but what a great time Miss Faith and I had!  Oh well time for some hog hunting next...

Dang it! Nice story Barry and a fine looking trophy limb.


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