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The Adventure of Hope and Faith 2009/2010

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bow loving man:
Thanks Guys, now lets go get that turkey!!! A week of vacation this week and Miss Faith and I are spending most of the days hunting together! Woo Hooo!

Hey Barry, I saw this picture in my e-mail today! WOW!!! That's awesome! Up top on tradgang too!!  Congratulations! Mike

smokin feathers:
Was really busy last week and wasnt able to get out and hunt any hogs with hope, but I did take her bowfishing sat night and took a few carp and buffalo with her. My pics got erased somehow so we will have to go again this week and get some more. Gonna to take her to the stick bow roundup this weekend and let a few others try her out as well.

bow loving man:
Boy howdy am I learning alot!  Faith and I have been chasing the Turkey on my friends ranch for the last few days!  I have decoyed from a blind, which they stay out about 30-35 yards from the blind...not in my range...and we have sat up on a peak way above their territory and watched them, to learn to pattern them.  We have their activity down.  That means we know where to find them...Getting close enough for a shot is a different story!!!

We sat in the blind yesterday morning and had gobblers all around us.  Oh I forgot to tell u we are hunting a flock of only 8 or 10 birds, 3 huge gobblers in it though...One real old one and two good ones who sorta stay to themselves but in the same area.

We tried me in the blind and my friend, stationed under a cedar tree, we saw some wonderful strutting and thought it was all going to come together for the shot but after about 1 1/2 hours of watching a cool show. They wondered off when something buggered them from the west...

Then in the afternoon I had two chances to stalk, once on the two gobblers who were shaded up under a salt cedar bush, got busted 30 yards out when one of them suddenly appeared from one side of the bush, I was sneaking in the clear from one bush to the  back of their bush...

And another chance that evening on the big Gobbler with the hens, had him on the other side of a cedar bush when I eased around the south side to sneak a shot on him as he passed by...Bow ready, Gobbler coming...Just two more steps and I could draw and shoot this bird at about 8-10 yards!  Breathe Barry....

I inched myself to the last edge of full coverage by the cedar tree so I would be clear to shoot and I hear, kee poo, kee poo...

DANG!!!! Where did that hen come from?  She had me dead to rights...Needless to say that Gobbler grabbed is feathered butt and was gone....

What a great day, Faith and I had! Had to stay home today but tomorrow we will be hard at it again...Wish us luck!!!

smokin feathers:
We had a heck of a time this weekend at the memorial shoot. I shot her through 120 targets and a bunch on the range with others shooting her as well. Gonna try to get some blood on her this week if I can catch a break.


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