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Bucks, boars and bows...oh my!

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Charlie Lamb:
Took my stands down yesterday and brought them home. It was my last day to hunt the little 50 acres I've grown so fond of the last couple of seasons. Since it sold, it won't be there for me when I get back from Texas.

Yep... Texas!! I've given up the best Missouri week for deer hunting so I can hunt with my buddy Curtis Kellar in south Texas.
He's been giving me glowing reports of big bucks runnin crazy and coming to horns. Big boar hogs in numbers that make my knees weak. Of course who knows what else lurks in the Texas white brush and mesquite. Bring it on!!!

As per last year, I'll update this thread as the slaying begins. Hope everyone is up for it. I'll try to keep it brief.LOL

Until I get there, you guys stay out of trouble and kill stuff!


the Ferret:
Good luck Charlie. Have fun and stay safe. Remember Tom and Dina's hunt. Vigilance with sharp objects and unfamiliar terraine is a virtue.

Safe journey and good hunting.

Doug Campbell:
Good luck Charlie and Curtis!! Looking forward to the reports!!

Charlie , have safe trip....hope make meat!!!!!ole #78....  :thumbsup:


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