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Gene Wensel Scores BIG (with Pic)

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Barry Wensel:

Brother Gene got the monster buck we've been chasing since October this morning. We've both seen and video taped him over a half dozen times each. We had his number and I knew it was just a matter of time. Some people might think I feel bad that Gene got him instead of myself, but I couldn't be happier. I've always considered us a team and could care less who tagged him. We've had a fantastic year to put it mildly. Both of us got 160 inch plus bucks earlier in November; I got a good 6x5 buck in Kansas a couple weeks ago and we both got big bucks in Texas last week (I got the very one everyone saw me miss on TV last year). Gene doesn't want to brag so I'll do it for him. I'm really proud of our joint efforts and want everyone to know we put a LOT of concentrated effort into this one. It all came together, totally legit, totally legal, and totally fairchase. I wanted to thank all of our friends who have shared opinions and supported us in the pursuit of this fantastic critter. Sharing this all is half the fun.I don't know how to post pictures but will try to get 'er done. You guys all need to sit down and get ready for this one! He's 25 inches inside spread, 30 inches outside spread with four droptines. We haven't put a tape to him yet but don't really care. And yes... if anyone wants to x-ray him they're welcome to it. Thanks and Happy New Year to all. Barry Wensel

Congratulations Gene (and Barry) !!!  That sounds like one heck of a trophy but the love you express and have for your brother is a trophy as well.  Teamwork wins!!!

Looking forward to the pix.

Can't wait to see the pics...

 I'll check back in a couple minutes  :thumbsup:    :thumbsup:    :thumbsup:

I've already seen this monster, he is a keeper. Gene sent me a photo this afternoon, boy wish we had bucks like that in Montana. Congrat's Gene and Barry.
Bob Burton

:scared:   Holy Cow! Literally! Can I hear those measurments again? You guys have done well this year but that is an exceptional Buck that you speak of. Can't wait to see the pics. Congrats Gene! CK


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