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Texas Radio and the Big Beast 2

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Charlie Lamb:
Well, I'm gettin "short"! (some of you will know what I mean  :)  ) Tuesday morning I'll point my truck south and head for south Texas for the first annual Trad Gang hog hunt,bunny bustin, cactus spine pickin,country music listening to Jamboree.
Looks like the gang will be a smaller group than intended originally, but we'll for sure have a great time.
Next year we'll get out the notice a lot earlier so this will turn into a real "happening".

My bow has been tuned, retuned and tuned again, arrows are built, sharpened, waxed, waterproofed and fondled. Now all that's left is gettin in the truck and settin the radio on scan for "Texas Radio". Can't wait till I'm in range.
Until I am, I've got some Stevie Ray Vaughn, Clapton blues and Gratefull Dead in the CD player waitin.

A full report will follow the hunt and pictures with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back.

I'll try to keep the story tellin to a 5 or 6 day minimum!  :D

First I heard of this hunt...who's goin?

I guess I should have followed Curtis' thread a couple of weeks ago.  Where, when and how much?


Short? Charlie, you can skydive off a dime!

Stevie Ray, the Dead, and slipping up on a hog...Damn, ya gotta feel sorry for the poor souls who are strangers to that kind of fun.

Take care on the highways. Some of those people out there, they ain't right, or even in the neighborhood.

Whatta ya mean Wingnut? You and Rusty said you have a barn to build. Its alright man, I'll shoot one for you. Oh yea, The javalina are primed at my lease too. Better take the invite before Feb 28. Season closure. CK


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