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Team Javie 2005

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Well Javie hunt 2005 is over and I'd just like to thank each and every one of you guys for coming out and sharing an awesome week in the desert you are all, without exception, a class act and a joy to hunt with.... I feel truly honored to be able to call you all friends.

Team Javie 2005:( In no particular order)
Mike Westvang
Connie Westvang
Rusty Craine
Bobby Hunzinger
Mickey Lotz
George Nagel
Gil Gresham

Good to see ya back Terry. Hope everyone else had a safe trip home also.

Got any pics to share?

Looks like a fun bunch. Can't wait to hear all the tales. CK

Tim... I only forgot one thing on this trip and it was my camera...... But the boys got a ton of Pics I'm sure they will be sharing.....  Yep Curtis there should be some tales for sure.... Some a bit taller than others.....  ;)  Terry

James Young:
Glad ya'll had a great time... I only have afew pics from last years hunt and wished I would hve taken more... Like Timo said, Cant wiat to hear the stories.  

James Young


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