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Great Pennsylvania Squirrel Hunt 2005

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George D. Stout:
Tentative date for the GPSH will be January 22nd, 2005, at Shawnee State Park, Schellsburg, Pa.    This year we are not planning on 25 inches of snow on the ground...keep your fingers crossed.   The squirrel population is healthy and we have plenty of time to make arrows.  We will plan on lunch at the picnic area pavillion by the ball field, behind the park office.  And we will have awards.  Cheap awards.   Really cheap awards.   George

That's a 100 mi trip for me... and that's not counting getting lost.... so probably 150 mile trip. Never been there but sounds like a fun day... and I have a set of snowhoes that have been begging me for two years to break them in real good.

I would love to attend if the offer is for the entire Gang... have 4x4... will travel. It's always fun to attach a face to a name... and I have a digital cam so lots pics can be had.

I probably won't even see a tree rat... but I guarantee it'll be a hoot!

Keep me in mind... and feel free to use E-mail for updates and specifics, food bringins, and whatnot's.


George D. Stout:
It's indeed an open invitation to Tradgangers and other traditional archers.  There's plenty of squirrels to go around long as the weather cooperates.  George

Shape Shifter:
Frank B...Monroeville PA..I used to live in the Penn Hills area. How's the hunting these days in PA?

C'mon George!!! If we don't have the 25" of snow and then the freezing rain on top of it, how am I gonna shred my shins and knees into hamburger like last year? I thought that was gonna be a tradition!?!?

Hackboy (John) and I will plan on being there again. We were laughing about it just a few days ago. You've created a great event!


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