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Great Pennsylvania Squirrel Hunt pics

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Yeah, we did have a nice discussion about whether that was butter made from nuts for made for nuts, didn't we!      

I swear it wasn't me.  No kidding!  When we went to bed... there were at least 5 or 6 cookies left... sitting on their original bag.  

When Doc woke up.... even the plastic bag was missing!  But I swear it wasn't me.  :)  

Nut Butter... I love that stuff... for a whole bunch of reasons!!     :saywhat:      


Doc Nock:
MICE! MIce at my cookies. Must've been...and they were really cheezed cause they couldn't get into the nut butter...

Or,maybe it was squirrels...I heard a LOT of noise when I was trying to sleep...maybe there were squirrels scurrying about in that attic behind my room... yeah, that must be it!  :bigsmyl:

Threw a pic or two from this outing on my web site with a couple of "appropriate" comments - LOL

   Bernie Dunn\\'s Home Page, Gallery, Pg9, Row Nine


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