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Great Pennsylvania Squirrel Hunt pics

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Dale Hajas:
Hope I do this right....

It was a blast to say the least!

It sure was nice to spend time with guys like Larry, Dave, Gary, Frank, Eric, Darren, John (son of hackbow) and to you George THANK YOU for setting it all up.

Gary- Hope all is ok and Thanks for making the plans for allof us to stay!

Here are some pics- I hope I do it right!

Here is my son Jared and I taking aim at an unsuspecting dead limb:


Dale Hajas:

Here's the place overlooking Shawnee Lake.

Quite nice!

Dale Hajas:

Jared and John fiddlin around with some arrahs.

Dale Hajas:

Here's the start of Saturdays morn action.

Dale Hajas:

SnakeEater and his 'stasche.

That's Phil Magistro in the background.


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