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Just curious if there was going to be another one this year? Last year was a great time.

Definitely going to be one, but the date hasn't been finalized and advertised yet.  One of the last 2 weekends in March is about as close as it can get until Doug and Terry make it official.

Can't wait to find out for sure, so I can start  making plans.

Tater John:
Wheres it held this year?  Dougs new barn?


Ralph Renfro:
Gentlemen, I'm quite sure it's the weekend of March 23rd,24th, and 25th. However, the DieHards will be setting up camps on the 22nd. We handed out about 500 flyers to interested persons at the Oklahoma Wildlife Expo in Guthrie, the first weekend in September. I'm certain we'll be in the same location, at Doug's Dad's farm.

Dang, I had thought it was the weekend before! Good thing my boss has been slow about getting the vacation schedule promulgated... Whatever weekend, I intend to be there on Thursday.


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