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57-58 Bear Kodiak's and Grizzly's

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Hey guys. I was watching and yes I bid on this Grizzly bow on Ebay. No, I did not get it.....

I hope it is OK to post this ebay address but I wanted you to see the bow!  

Can anyone tell me what year this Grizzly is?

I am guessing 1958 to 1960. This sure was a pretty bow. I love that green and orange glass combo. I really liked that it was a 62" bow

Well I will be watching ebay more now to see if I can find another one. I want to get one of these or a 57-58 Kodiak Special. If you hear of a nice one let me know! What's on your wish list?

Regards, Bill

It is a 59 or 60...someone with experience of serial numbers will chime in with an exact year, maybe.

The Grizzly is a real nice bow...I have a couple from the pre-60's.

Great info here --

Thanks bjk. I know that sight and it is a great one forsure. I was thinking 59 was very possible on that Griz because of that orange glass. I love that glass from seeing it on the ever valuable 59 Kodiak.


The woods finger it for the ones listed in the 59-60 catalog.  

I have to see which I have at home...I love the old Bears...current fav is a 63 dogleg...

After your post I visited fredbear online.... I really like that site. I had forgot that you could search other bows besides the ever revered Kodiaks. I loved that Griz and figured I could get a bargin because most guys want the Kodiaks.... Well $293 was a lot more that I figured it should sell for. Heck, you can get a 57 Kodiak at almost half that sometimes. After seeing that 59-60 Griz, I think it was one of bears best looking bows (in that style/era).



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