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What's a flipper rest?

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Jerry Jeffer:
I've been stopping by various sporting good stores around my area and other places in my travles. I was hoping to pick up some little items like some extra flipper rests, string wax etc.... Well, no one has any of this stuff any more. Seems like the only way to go is to stick to on line shopping. The shelves in the stores are full of over draw rests for compounds and all manner of mechanical junk. This morning on my way home from work I thought I might use up a gift card I got fo Christmas at a decent sized outdoor store I get my hunting permits from. I look around and see nothing I can use. I ask the fella at the counter if they ever carry flipper rests and some other archery equipment. He says to me, "What's a flipper rest"? I just about fell on the floor.

I only looked here because I couldn't belive you really asked this question (topic headline)!
Though I only shot from the shelve I was inclined to give you an answer    :D  
Jerry - I think you really got me with this one!     :knothead:      ;)  

BTW: The clerk only used a polite form to say:
"Man, you must be almost 40 - get out of here!"    :(

LOL  Its a shame, isnt it?

was this at dunkleburgers jerry?

Jerry Jeffer:
Falk, I have one bow I shoot from the shelf and another I shoot a flipper.... and I am 40.
Monkey, It as not Dunkleburgers, but when I have gone there the reply is.."We are a more modern store."


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