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Widow Bow Pics

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Steve G:
Thanks Alan, the kingwood is very nice (grainy) I love the Osage! Widow's Anniversary Gold Osage is GROWING on me,...just when I thought their standard Osage was it now I'm starting to re-think it.  Hey any observations between your Twins?

Ray Hammond:
I think this is the prettiest one I have ever seen.

Its NOT mine.


Steve G:
What kind of skins are on this bow Ray?  Did B W do ya know if they were done by Widow, I think it's the first one I've seen.

Ray it sure is pretty, but the skins scare the crap out of me.  Here is mine.  Bubinga Riser with Yew limbs.


Al Kidner:
Steve, mate the Osage glowed like a Skywalker saber when I got it but now is all honey like...hmmmmmm.

 And I love the Kingwood as well. Not many folks had it but I think its rather popular now.

This is KingWood and a sort of maple I think:


And these two are Cocobolo/Osage and the other is...? and Osage. Maybe the owners may chime in and tell us.




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