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Sorry, Panzer for Carbons demoralizing a beautiful piece of wood.Maybe he didn't caress it right when he shot it. You know these Upnorth rough mountain man types. Ok, I at least finish the box of cereal. Sounds good Caster as long as you keep the shock out of it. I can use heavy arrows and it doesn't kick like a Bay Mule and shoots fast.     :readit:    :D

Carbon Caster:
I thought you liked Bay Mules.  What was the name of that mule I saw a pic of you riding in the past.

O.K.  >  Back to the regularly scheduled program!!!  LOL!!

I had the same experience as Brian, shot where I looked was smooth to draw, but kicked like a mule and was slow as mollases. On the positive side it was probably one of the quietest recurves Ive ever shot, would I buy another one, no.

I don't own one now, and in retrospect it was very shocky and I always bragged about how slow it was! LOL My Mississippi Lake Longbows are quieter AND faster than the Mahaska I had, not to mention alot smoother.
Would I get another? probably not, I love shooting longbows now. Would I recommend someone getting one? I think if you keep the weight down and order one with a very heavy riser it might serve you well.
Afterall, they are the quietest recurve I have ever shot.


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