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Panzer I:
I am thinking of getting one, if you have one let me know what you think.

Carbon Caster:
I have owned a bunch of recurves and longbows, and the Mahaska Recurve was the only one I couldn't sell fast enough.  I couldn't get the SHOCK out of it.  I tried Dacron, 8125, and D97 all with lots of silencers.  I tried every brace you could imagine and REALLY heavy arrows, and it still kicked like a Bay Mule.  It was pretty, and I liked the grip, but it wouldn't tame down for ME.  It was one of the slowest recurves I have shot to date as well.

I don't want to pee in your cornflakes, but (I) didn't like the bow at all.  

Some guys love them and they will probably be along soon to tell you about their experience with them.  The Mahaska Reecurve might be the bow for you, but I would definitely shoot one before you buy a new one.  If you are looking on the used market, if you buy one and don't like it, you can recoup most if not all of your money if you get a pretty good deal.

I am sure there is someone close enough (hour or so away in Ohio) that has one you could try to find out if they are for you.

Big Dog on here loves them.

As a disclaimer, maybe I got a bad one.  The one I got used was the ONLY Mahaska I have ever shot.

Good luck in the quest!

Shot two Mahaskas quite a bit.  My recurve (#67) and a friends longbow (#55).  Both are enjoyable, well made, shoot well, and are reasonably priced.  I am all positive on Mahaska!


:smileystooges:  Caster tell us how you feel about them. And the cornflake thing?  :(  I need to change my brand now! LOL

Carbon Caster:
Your cornflakes are safe.  Even if I drink 2 pots of coffee, I can't pee that far.  LOL!!!  I am getting the shop cleaned out so I can build your bow!!!!  You do want it made out of pine and plexiglass don't you??  And you said paint it PINK right??  LOL!!


The most important thing when considering buying a new bow is try before you buy!!!  Some bows just fit you and your style of shooting.  Some bows do not.  It will be different bows for everyone.  BTW if the Mahaska fits YOU, they are a great deal in tradtional archery equipment and I have heard nothing but praise of his customer service.


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