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Anything to hunt near Lake Oconee, GA?


The Ursus:
Looks like our family has aquired some property on Lake Oconee in GA.  Anyone on here know the area?  Is there much public land?  When I go visit them, should I be taking my bow and a sharp stick?  Trad clubs or shops near by?

Terry Green:
Yeah......plenty of deer running around that part of GA.

Yes, I live there.  No trad clubs nearby.  There is a 4000 acre Wildlive Management Area (WMA) on the SE side of the lake, it has deer, hogs, small game.  I have taken some nice bucks in the same county.  Fishing is excellent.  I am about to learn about bowfishing as well.  PM or email me, I'll send you my phone number.  Too much to type here.  For general info on the lake,
Does this property have a house, dock, boat?


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