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Hey guys im new to Trad Archery and wondering Where are some good places to get Wood Arrows? Bare Shafts or Finished arrows? Also what are some good tough hunting arrows?
Thanks Guys

i do not shoot woodies right now but am getting some soon you might want to try stika spruce. you can get them from also you could try kustom king archery. im sure more people will chime in on this subject good luck

I am making some sitka spruce arrows now. I got the shafts from  Their quality is very good. They will match shafts for spine AND weight.  I see they sell on ebay too.

Terry Green:
There's a host of great wood arrow providers on the Sponsor's List.  I've bought wood arrows from several.

Surf the Sponsor's List, and you'll have a hard time picking out who to buy from.

For finished arrows, you'll have a tough time beating does an excellent job and his prices very reasonable.


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