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silvertip longbows


Thinking about ordering one.  Would like to know how they shoot.  Are they quite, very forgiving to shoot, and are they very fast. Would like to see some pictures.


I'm not qualified to give much info as I usually shoot curves, but the Schafer longbows are the best shooting longbows I've ever shot. They point fantastic, they're real quiet and have good speed. The pics are of an older one I picked up used a couple months ago and it's one of my 3 favorite bows already.
I can shoot this bow as well as any I've ever owned except maybe a Dye curve. So they get a thumbs up from me.

Happy,My Tom shoots a 64 inch,55@28 takedown with FF and he loves it. It is fast and quite and likes carbon and wood shafts, His is made with a rosewood riser,Western Juniper limbs, and quilted maple trim.

Had one that was smooth and quiet, but I wasn't fussy on the TD system.  Skinner.


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