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Fedora 52" stalker !!!

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Just got a Fedora 52" stalker. 40#s at my draw.
Very impressed with the smoooth draw,hand position on the riser and this bow at 40#s seems to smoke an arrow.I love longbows but i believe this 1 pc recurve is a keeper!!!!!!!


Chris O:
Fedora makes some really sweet bows. I have an Xcellerator and have a 54" takedown on the way. I can't wait to get it.

Great folks to deal with too. I have a 560-60" and an xtreme 60"; same # and same performance. Both bows shoot the same arrows.

Seeking Trad Deer:
I have the 52" Stalker in addition to the 560.  Sure is fun to carry around such a small bow in the woods.  I haven't hunted with the Stalker YET.

We can start a club...I have the 52" Stalker and the 560 one piece as them both!


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