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Who Shoots an Adcock???


What do you shoot??  What are your thoughts??

I shoot one that I bought used on this site . It is a 64 in one piece acs.  It is 46lb at 28. My draw length is only 26.5  Comparing it to my favorite Recurve, a fox breed 2 pc which is 50 at 27 and shooting the same  arrows from each bow thru a Chrono the speed of the Adcock is 1 foot less then the breed. Since I have real shoulder issues this lighter yet more efficient bow has become my go to for all most everything.

WOW pounds less and almost same speed and easier on the shoulder.

What does it look like, pics??

I shoot one.  Left Hand 3 piece 64" 49#@28" ACS CX.  It is hands down the best shooting bow that I have ever owned or shot.  By far the fastest, but more importantly the smoothes, and best shooting bow period.  I have tried alot of others DAS, Massie, Shrew, original ACS, Black Widow, Griffin, Thuderstick, Warf, those are the some that I have owned, and I have shot many more, but nothing has even come close.  Not to say that I didn't like some of those others, some I didn't like at all and there are still a few out there that I would like to try, like Morrison, Horne, Centaur, Caribow.  I would like to get another Black Widow and I really regret selling the Massie I had.  The Griffin I still have along with one Warf bow and I like them both.  But my ACS CX isn't for sale even for the prices they have been bringing on e-bay.  And if anyone has one they want to get rid of or extra limbs, let me know!

James Wrenn:
Would love to be shooting one of his Apogees at about 44lbs.  :)  Would settle for one of the 3pc metal risered bows if they were avalible probably too. I doubt I will ever pay ebay prices for them however.


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