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make your own camo?

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anyone play around making thier own camo.

i've been collecting old shirts and pants at garage sales. greys,browns, drap colors. first trying to paint patterns on them much in the style of predator camo.
also collected large pieces of materail to make my own clothing  from.

made a ghillie top from an old brownish sweater that i cut flaps in an tied strips of cloth to.

am i crazy or do any of you think like me?

cheap chuck!

randy grider:
i started once to make a ghillie out of an old german flectar jacket by sewing different colored burlap and old camo cut into strips all over it. this is a lot of work, someday i will finnish it!

Mike Orton:

If you're so inclined to make your own camo go the Goodwill or Salvation Army thrift store adn find yourself a long trenchcoat that is just a bit oversized.  Tear, (not cut) those camo clothes into strips about 8 inches long.  Sew the strips to the trench coat in the center of the strip, so each end hangs down from the center.  If you're a right handed shooter take care to keep the strips short on the left arm and right breast.  A trip to the local craft store to buy some silk flowers or large leaves to break up the outline of the human torso and you're set.  You should be able to make a fine Ghillie suite for under $30.00   I also sew in a fanny cushion and a Hydration bladder.  You can also sew in an old hat or hood and you're pretty much there.  :archer:

Well started to think like you months ago. Trashed my wifes sewing machine sewing leather. So I went and bought her a new one. But I took it over and made me a fleece snow outfit for predator hunting. A wool pullover, converted a wool blanket into a poncho. And made a longhunter shirt for a brother.

I did that before all this camo stuff was on the market... It can be fun to make your own gear...Takes alot of time though...Hey...Guess we are BOTH NUTS!!!... :wavey: ...

>>-----> mike


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