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need recommendation


Was offered a used PSE Coyote recurve, 40# at 28", very low price for whole setup including arrows and extra limbs (50#). Would save a lot of initial investment, can't afford anything fancy like Dalaa. Just don't want to regret it later on. What gives?

Ok, I answered this somewhere else. That model is not a good deal at any price in most cases. Now if he's willing to pay you to take it for him, that would be different. The Coyote is a poor design.

Shawn Leonard:
I have to agree with David. Ya can usually find a bow in the classified, if ya post that ya need a good starter bow and some matched arrows for a price that won't break the bank. Shawn

Just trying to cover the bases, guys. Scottish blood hates paying a grand when something can be had for a couple of C-notes. Guess I'll just keep looking.

Just put your budget in the classifieds and the weight/length/type you need. Someone will have something for you.


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