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Plain Jane: a hunting bow

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A good friend of mine asked me to build him a bow he could take to the woods and not worry about dropping it out of the stand, hence the name "plain Jane". Did I mention the guy has the draw length of one of them apeman types 30" ?? He wanted a bow long enough so's he feels comfortable drawing it. We have a 68" 56#@30", I couldn't help myself tho I had to add some cocobolo tip overlays just to satisfy myself. At my short draw length the limbs ain't working too hard. Pay no attention to the fat old man in the picture  :D  



As usual Dano....very,very nice!!

Nice bow Dano, and I agree with Ionian, there is nothing plain there, just a beautiful piece of osage made to what osage does best......


Dano you're a regular crafster mastman........John and I just got back from pickin up some sage, another development going in.......very nice bow.

OUTSTANDING!!!!!   :thumbsup:


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