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How loud is your THUMP ?

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shortstroke 91:
Just wondering how loud the Thump should be on a longbow. Mine is a Tomahawk Diamond SS (quieter with the FF string than with Dacron) and it seems pretty quiet but I'm looking for more stealth.
I'm never satisfied in my quest to make my bow quieter.
I'm thinking of trying some string leaches with a little wool above them to maybe hide them some. Anybody ever tried it?

I know I could try heavier arrows but I'm dead set on the 530 grain carbons I'm shooting now.

Anybody got one so quiet that all you hear is the arrow leaving? If so how'd you do it?

Thanks to any and all.

I mess with the brace height until it sounds right. I'll start low and work my way up until it sounds right. I like my brace height as low as possible with quiet shooting. I also have two string silencers on each end of the bow. My first one is 9-10 inches down and the second is 14-15 inches down.
 I'll sometimes dedicate an entire shooting session to releasing the string without plucking too. Doesn't matter where the arrow hits the target as long as the release is quiet during that session.

530 gr.  How much weight are you shooting?  I shoot 58# and a 670 gr. arrow.

The makes no thump compared to my heart when there's game in close-even rabbits do that to me.  I'll quit if that thump ever goes away.
Ohh your talking the bow.  The guys I hunt with bows are so quiet that when they shoot, all I hear is the arrow hitting the sage-never hear thier bows.  I think that's good enough.

tim roberts:
Does the 2 sets of silencers help?  I have a problem plucking the string, that I can't seem to get over.  Any advice for that problem?


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