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Mike Yancey:
I’m getting a group for 2024 right now. These hunts fill fast, so get with me asap to get in on next years hunt with me in August. You know what happens there from my last six hunts and completing the South African Spiral Horn Slam with a sinew backed bow. I am speaking at Kalamazoo this year on the hunts with Primitive and Traditional gear and will probably fill up one group there. We are looking at doing two or three groups Primitive and Traditional as well as one of my other weapon addictions.

I will be on all these hunts with you!

First group August 4th through the 13th  Leave USA 8/2/2024 Depart 8/14/2023  $5900.00 this includes all hunt days, food, lodging, transportation to and from airport. 1 Impala Ram, 1 Wildebeest Cow and $1500.00 to go towards ANY OTHER TROPHY YOU WANT TO SHOOT.
The first hunt can be a 6 day hunt if you choose not to do ten days. $2950.00 1 Impala Ram, 1 Wildebeest Cow all hunt days transportation to and from airport. You would depart Africa August 10th

Second group 6 day hunt only August 11-16 Leave USA August 9th Depart Africa 17th.

All these hunts, you need to fly to Johannesburg South Africa. Delta has a flight every night out of Atlanta and is a direct flight!

There  is also another hunt in May that I will not be on but another Traditional couple that have been there before will be there  for their second trip to Sofala. the dates for that hunt are May 8th through the 13th.

Mike Yancey:
The slam with a sinew backed bow. Few places offer the chance at something like this.

Mike Yancey:
What you might see.

Mike Yancey:
The girls

Extremely enticing...


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