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RIP Elkhunter-27


Ed Kepfer aka Elkhunter-27 passed away due to complications from kidney cancer. Ed was a friend of the family and my craziest hunting partner. Quick witted, light hearted and generous, my friend never failed to entertain or help out at home or camp. Ed and I shared many camps together when he was still shooting a wheeled bow, and he kept me entertained  when he switched to traditional a few years back. Ed and I traveled west a few times for bears, antelope, mule deer and Elk, and it was during one of these trips about 10 years ago that I noticed he had slowed considerably. Soon after we got back from that Wyoming hunt he was diagnosed with cancer and they removed a kidney. The next several years the disease was kept at bay and Ed continued on with life until two years ago when the real battle began. Ed kept hunting and shooting his beloved recurve ang longbows right up until he lost the strength to do so late last fall. Ed lived the outdoor life with his wife Ellen in a log home overlooking a beautiful Pond in the woods where he chased the local whitetails. In the past Ed and Ellen both had been an active in  New York State Field Archers where Ellen served as secretary of the organization.  I have been ill this year and was not able to visit Ed or Ellen, but I finally made a trip to their home yesterday where I was honored to be asked to help Ellen sell Ed's recurve collection, (after she graciously said to pick one for myself). The collection is currently listed on the Bowsite classifieds, but if anyone contacts me I can give them info. Ellen also asked me to take some of Ed's ashes to sprinkle in a Rocky Mountain high country park on my next elk trip. It's a trip that's going to be special as we place some of Elkhunter-27 in one of the places he loved so much. I know Ed spent some time on this and other archery forums, and I hope he would have liked the fact that I'm telling you goodbye for him. Elkhunter-27 is signing off for the last time. RIP my friend and shoot straight up there. Your buddy Dave (Arrowsmith1)

So sorry to hear about your friend, Arrowsmith; the  friends we make along the way sometimes become more than family.  Prayers for you and Elkhunter's family.


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