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3-D shoots...


It's getting into the summer, and probly a little late to start this BUT!!

If any of our New York Brothers gets wind of any 3-D shoots, could you please post them here??
Years ago, this was a pretty active forum. We had a lot of guys around NY and a "get together" at a shoot was an opportunity to meet our TradGang brothers face to face, and develope some lasting friendships!!

Just a thought, Thanks!!!  :archer: :campfire: :archer:

Check out tri county archers Chuck. They have a schedule of local shoots. Last Sunday I took my grandson to a traditional shoot in Cos Cob that mcgroundstalker hosted. Great shoot

Here’s a list of tri county shoots

Thanks Mike, I think I will bring the grandsons. Ten minutes from home 🏹

Bethlehem that is


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