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Robertson Vision Falcon 1 ???

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Mine likes 8"

Deer Slayer:
Robertson's recommended brace height on the SR(short riser) is 7"-7.5" and the the LR(long riser) 7.5"-7.75". I have the long riser vision Falcon and it likes the 7.75 height.

Just tuned mine up yesterday. I also would highly recommend putting "Bow Hush" on the ends of your made a major difference in helping quiet my Falcon down. It is a SWEET shooting bow!

String Cutter:
What's a bow hush???

Deer Slayer:
Go to the Trad Gang Sponsor list at the top of the page and click on Bow Hush. It is a product that one of the moderators(Terry Green) puts out. It is New Zealand Sheep's wool yarn that you wrap around the ends of your string under the loops to pad and muffle the string slap that causes the majority of recurve noise when the string slaps the grooves on your limbs. In my experience, that is the single most effective way to quiet a recurve in conjunction with proper brace height and string silencers....which Terry also sells called (Hush Puppies). Give it a look. They are cheap and make a world of difference as far as making a recurve more silent.


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